Stance game.

Continuing on with the projects I promised you.

This one features two BMW E36s, who some might say are unusable and stupid. But I disagree a bit, even though we hit some bumps during the shooting process.

Layin' frame and scraping rails.


Stancing is a madness many hate and many love. And I can take part in both loathing and lusting over it. I grasp the idea of wanting the car to look like the concept drawing where the wheel fills up the wheel well. But when I hear it scrape or see it struggling to get over a speed bump a small part of me dies.

For one I love having stanced vehicles in my viewfinder, but probably won't see myself driving one in the near future. I do, however, have huge respect for the people who go through all of this to show us how beautiful a car can look.

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What are your thoughts on the stance community?

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