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Stanced 350Z proves there really is a line when it comes to modding your car

And the line is certainly not as tilted

41w ago

Modifications can serve two purposes - better the car’s performance or please the owner’s whims and fancies. The modded Nissan you see here clearly points towards the latter.

Finished in a striking lime green paint job, this Nissan 350Z comes with a cool-looking five-spoke chromed alloys. But what makes those wheels stand out, quite literally, are those ridiculous amounts of negative camber on the front which further transgresses to outrageous by the time you gaze at those rear wheels.

When in motion, the rear wheels must be touching the tarmac, but barely just. Part of that also comes down to the hunkered-down ride height which allows this 350Z to boast of a wicked stance when stationary. However, to house those pouting wheels, the owner had to add a more accommodating set of front and rear bumpers. And that sums up the modifications on this widebody 350Z.

If you’re curious about the audacious owner, you can find him at Instagram under ‘thats_gvbe’ handle. He seems to have a significant following on social media with the majority of his posts revolving around how eye-catching his 350Z can be when it rolls down the streets.

On exploring his profile further, one can notice the lime green paint scheme has been applied rather recently. Right before it, the Nissan ran a custom black detail. And if I were asked, I would go with his current maxed-out outrageous lime-green look because if you’re going crazy, why not stretch it till the very limit.

The negative cambered wheels, though? Being an enthusiast, those wheels don’t fit in my taste palette. However, they’ll undoubtedly be the talking point of every car park it enters.

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