Standby for NSX R

1y ago


- I'm a terrible photographer but you get the idea. It's an NSX R and a new NSX. In a pit lane. Notice the green light

Is the new NSX fit to wear the badge? To find out we introduce it to the purest expression of NSX ever built, the sublime NSX R. Video tomorrow...

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  • How come all the reverence for the original NSX now? It was widely respected but not very well loved at the time. I think Honda sold 5 cars in the UK one year. It was a very good car but not very fast. The NSX-R was interesting and had some lovely details but not really any faster. Where has all this NSX worship come from all of a sudden? The GT-R had it owned from day one. It is much more desirable than the new one though, I'll give it that!

    1 year ago
  • The video was a separate post but it seems to have disappeared??????

    1 year ago


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