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2y ago


As long as I could remember I've been a car nut. Or gear head. Or whatever you want to call it. Now that I'm a father of three boys I want, or rather have an ethical obligation, to make sure they too have the opportunities to experience all of the trials and tribulations that come with this indescribable fascination with all things greasy.

A day at the Sonoma Historic Races provides some great memories.

In today's day and age where the television, mobile phones and video games are constantly vying for every adolescent's attention, kids need opportunities to experience the visceral experience of building, repairing, and modifying anything and everything. It's hands on, it's exciting, sometimes it's scary, heck sometimes it's even dangerous.

Replacing disc brake pads on Mom's car is far more fun than taking out the trash or cleaning your room.

Let's let our kids experience their first "knuckle buster", learn how to change the oil, learn why we have both metric and standard wrenches, or even change a tire. Join our tribe where we will be sharing the virtues of rust and grease with the next generation. We'll build things, take things apart, fix things, swap stories, share tales and more. Join us, but shhh... don't tell Mom.

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