- Does Startech's tailgate insert make the rear of the Discovery look better?

Startech Fix The Discovery 5's Rear Number Plate!

No more off set number plate for the Land Rover Discovery 5!

2y ago


The fifth generation of Land Rover's Discovery model went on sale in February this year. Upon it's release, Land Rover were criticised for their choice of rear number plate, which was skewed on the rear of the SUV.

German tuning company, Startech have now released a tailgate insert for the new Discovery that allows owners to have a central number plate instead. The insert squares off the lines on the tailgate and puts the plate in the centre. Startech released a short video showing the difference with having the insert fitted to the tailgate.


The tailgate insert will be available from Startech in January next year, and will set owners back €809, but this will cure your niggling OCD tendencies caused by a skewed rear numberplate!

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