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my thoughts as I try to figure this out lol

4y ago

Hey everyone!

so I just logged in for the first time to drivetribe and I'm still trying to figure out the format here so give me a little patience as I trouble shoot through it. In the meantime I'll give you a little background on us here at the movie car tribe.

Each time I try to start a new line on this blog-style update I end up with a new body of copy, so I'm not sure how this is going to look in the end. If it looks like I'm an illiterate moron just know I.... am ;)

so this tribe is run my myself (Christopher Rutkowski) with my friend and business partner Franck Galiegue. A couple years ago I started the automotive webseries theAFICIONAUTO on youtube. It started out of a passionate love for cars and movies. Being a filmmaker I thought that movie cars would make a great basis for telling car stories. Through this endeavor I met Franck when he bought the screen used RV from the second Jurassic Park film. I wanted to chronicle the restoration process of this amazing one-off machine built for a grand movie (and one of my favorite film franchises of all time). One thing lead to another as our friendship grew and now we are partners in a growing collection of screen used film cars. Not only do we collect, but we buy, sell, take consignments and head hunt cars for whomever is looking for that special car. We've come to know everyone in the hollywood car biz and find ourselves extremely fortunate to find such an exciting subculture within the grand universe of cars and automotive creativity.

So with all this being said, you can expect an absurd amount of stupidity and adventures from us as we are two morons with lofty dreams and minimal expertise. We buy and break and fix everything we touch. Some things for you to look forward are: Wasteland weekend 2016, Herbie at the Nurburgring, two miami vice ferraris in the south of france, testing some new cars, testing rental cars, checking out new movie cars, buying movie cars and of course the tried and true meat and potatoes of how this all started, short form docs about your favorite movie cars.

If you have any questions about any movie cars we will try to help you or start a discussion for you. we can point you in the right direction for all your movie car needs, and of course we're here to entertain you and make you laugh with our dumb shit.

I've accidentally added an extra copy body here so now I have to fill it with this.....

shit, I keep pressing enter by accident. I hate technology

up above is a pic of us racing Herbie around the Nurburgring. That's Franck standing in the sunroof and I'm driving (chris).

hope to hear from you guys! we're excited to start with Drive tribe at such an early stage. BIIIIIIIG fans of the british trio of old men falling over... that's kind of us.... but younger....

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  • Hahahah, love it! Didn't realize you already wrote an introduction for us ! Good job pal

      4 years ago
  • Right there with you Chris! Keep up the good work on Aficionauto.

      4 years ago
  • Damn, I almost made this tribe myself ;-) Great idea, and great content so far so keep up the good work. I have my own Tribe of Esports Racers - would appreciate the follow back if poss whilst we all work out how this works ;-)

      4 years ago
  • You had me sold at "lofty dreams and minimal expertise." Looking forward to more of your stuff Chris.

      4 years ago