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The final stages of any year are always an exciting time for the automotive landscape. Performance cars congregate on etherial pieces of Scottish B-Road or Californian Canyon paradise, with the industry’s aristocracy ready to use their sensitively honed palates to determine which car from the previous 12 months reigns supreme. But as this year closes, the entire decade will be taken with it. And that calls for something rather more significant than a mere “car of the year” - it calls for a car of the decade.

In accordance with the correct democratic process - not the now established procedure of only granting validity to the votes that aren’t too inconvenient for the elites - the power will be put entirely in YOUR hands to decide what you think is the best car from the past 10 years. Starting tomorrow, the contenders for this title will be whittled down through 10 important categories before the final vote occurs. Two categories will be released onto my tribe - Speed Machines - each day between Monday the 2nd and Friday the 6th of December at 7pm GMT. Voting for all the categories closes at 7pm GMT on Monday the 9th of December when the winners from each category will be amalgamated into a single vote.

Rather than including every car ever made over the past 10 years, I’ve chosen cars on the basis of the significance they hold across the automotive spectrum. Without any question or shadow of doubt, they’ll be cars absent that somebody could define as being “significant”. But in preparation for that inescapable inevitability, I’m employing the attitude that if a particular car isn’t important enough to fight its way through my juvenile dementia to the forefront of my consciousness, it’s not a contender for the title.

It has been an extraordinary decade in the history of the automobile. Of all the expressive adjectives one could collate to reflect on what’s been and gone, there’s one word that epitomises these past 10 years more than any other: change. It is a word that appears to have been plucked straight from the naive mouth of whatever character the eco-warriors have Greta Thunberg playing this week - but the transition from one era to another has been profound. While we aren’t there yet - and we won’t get there any faster using the manufactured outrage of a political pawn as pseudo-inspiration - the manner in which the motoring world has changed over the course of the past decade is monumental.

Apart from the change in ecological attitudes, there’s also the change in people’s desires. The 2010’s will undoubtedly be known as the decade where the performance SUV rose up from the tasteless pit of extravagance, giving the rich a chance to indulge in the delicious poison of narcissism, while giving the manufacturers a means to fund infinitely more exciting projects. Signifiant as they may be, those of you with taste and refinement will be pleased to know that not a single performance SUV will be staining a vote with the magnitude of this one.

So then, that’s it! Be here tomorrow at 7pm GMT to vote in the first two categories, and find our community’s car of the decade.


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