We've had a pretty eventful week since we left Kinja! Here's a list of questions I've been getting as well as some other info to catch you up.

Why did you leave a comment on my post with "@Tribe?"

There is a function that gives the ability to a Tribe Leader to send a push notification to all tribe members by leaving an @tribe comment. This can only be used once every 24 hours, and is used to call out a post that deserves the attention of all tribe members. If you see me, Ben, or Pat drop an @tribe comment on your post, consider it an honor!

Wait, there's a store?!

I do have a store! This is a new feature DriveTribe launched recently. You may have noticed I've included links to two of our favorite sellers: Model Citizen and KPS Hobbies, but I want to open it up to the community to help you reduce the size of your collection. Shoot me a DM if you have a model listed on eBay. If you are an upstanding member of the LaLD community AND I agree with your pricing strategy, I'll add your car to my store. You can also find the link to LaLD Stickers and the latest issue of Castheads Magazine if you missed them.

How can we trade with each other?

The same way we did before! Make a post with what cars you are looking for or cars that need a new home and see what fellow LaLDers have to offer in trade. Instead of working out details over email, you can use DriveTribe's Direct Messaging feature.

What does it mean that my post got shared to Joyride?

Joyride is a sister app of Drivetribe that's intended for fun, quick reads. Things like quizzes, carspotting, and videos. If your post gets shared there, it means your post is getting exposed to even more traffic.

What does it mean that my post got promoted to the Hobbie's section?

The Hobbies section, or Vertical, is a top level collection of the best content found by DriveTribe Ambassadors grouped by category. If your post really makes a good impression with the Content Managers, you might get reposted to a DriveTribe homepage for all to see.

Why isn't there a Studio option for the app?

They're working on it! For now, use the app for quick and easy posts, and Studio on DriveTribe.com for full-length feature articles.

What browser should I use?

Please try to use Chrome for DriveTribe.com. Safari is causing all kinds of issues, like cutting out chat and making you sign in multiple times.

What else is going on?

Well lets see, we got a blue check mark for our tribe, which means we've been verified and certified legit. We've also added over a million impressions since we've moved here, which means our little cars are being seen by a larger, global audience. I counted 166 new Tribe members since we left Kinja. DriveTribe's CEO even congratulated us on his Instagram for being the fastest growing tribe on all of DT. It had been months since I added a new member on Kinja.

Hope you're all enjoying our new home on DriveTribe. Make sure you follow all of your favorite LaLDer's so you get notified when they make a post, follow us on Instagram, check out our Podcast, and leave lots of comments and likes for each other.

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