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Steam Cars: Forgotten Water Power

A short video-story about moving like a sir. Anyone wants some tea?

28w ago


Steam engines once ruled the world. In the 1900s, they were the cutting edge technology. They propelled personal vehicles, like Stanley Steamer.

Today we see them as some antique, almost fairy artefacts, never to be brought to light. Boring museum exhibits at their best.

However, are these engines really so outdated, or do they simply unfit our petrol- and electricity-dominated world? Have there been any attempts recently to revitalise steam engines?

Have you ever heard of the British Team Car Challenge, Saab ULF Project, Ranotor, Cyclone Power Technologies, or the Enginion AG?

This video is a popular science author-narrated story about steam culture and its mesmerizing charm. The video is full of curious insights, interesting facts, and science trivia!


This story is one of many from my "Introduction to Academic Driving" book (marvellously illustrated by Matt Parsons). Consider having a look:


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  • I would drive a steam car. Simply to put a train whistle on it and live out my childhood dreams of becoming a train driver

      6 months ago
    • What can be better than childhood dreams, right?

      /here: drunk racoons send you their warmest regards/

        6 months ago


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