Stelvio pass - Huracan vs. 458 Speciale

OK, so the Stelvio certainly isn’t the greatest driving road in the Alps, and if you hit it at the wrong time, weekends, midday, holiday season etc etc it can vary anything from a traffic jam to a heart in mouth squeeze past camper vans. However, that’s missing the point really – as a driving road, it should be judged on when it is clear and free to drive, and that these days it inevitably means a very early mid-week rise (think 630am). Do so, and the road combines a dramatic wall of 47 switchback turns (you must drive approaching from the north), rising to a peak of 2757M / 9045ft, some of the most breath-taking views of the South Tyrol mountains, and photo opportunities like no other.

Views from the 458 heading up to the Stelvio

We’ve driven the pass more times that I can care to count, but one of the most memorable was on our 2014 Supercar Test event, where we pitted the Huracan against the just launched 458 Speciale, the noise, the drama, and the green versus red colour combination meant this drive really stood out. The road is on people’s driving bucket list for a reason, just plan your arrival time carefully to avoid the excessive traffic. The pass itself opens seasonally at the end of May, and normally stays open until mid / late October, subject to the prevailing weather conditions.

Arrived at the summit

Wow, what a view!

And the scores on the doors? Actually, we had a group of 8 drivers, 4 days touring, 4 cars, including the 911 4S and Maserati Granturismo Stradale, and it was a crushing 6:2 victory for the Ferrari, but who are we to say?

Pictures once again courtesy of our good friend @lorenz.richard

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Huracan, 911, 458 Speciale racing to the top