Stenpiren in göteborg

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2016 Volvo V90 Polis on Stenpiren in Göteborg, Sweden.

Stenpiren, early called Skeppsbron, is a pier, built in stone outside Skeppsbroplatsen in the harbor of Göteborg. The pier was built in the years 1844-1845, and received its present name in 1883. In this place was formerly a half as wide wooden pier, which was one of the city’s first quay facilities. From here all ferries started before. Stora Bommens Hamn was directly northeast of the stone pier at the entrance to the Stora Hamnkanalen.

Stenpiren today in Göteborg, Sweden.

On the pier, there is a copy of the Delawaremonumentet (also called Kalmar Nyckelmonumentet or Nya Sverigemonumentet). It is a sculpture by Carl Milles. The monument memories the colonisation of the New Sweden or Nya Sverige in the USA. The original stands in Christina State Park in Wilmington, USA.

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