Steve McQueen's Jeep is for Sale

Fancy owning a Hollywood Legend's Willys Jeep?

2y ago

Yes, that's right. You can soon buy Steve McQueen's old 1945 Willys Jeep MB which will be going up for sale in the UK very soon. Adam Rutter, a classic cars specialist has said "This car is a truly unrepeatable and unmissable opportunity for both car enthusiasts and movie fans".

This Jeep will be up for auction at the NEC Classic Motor Show this weekend (Nov 10-11) in Birmingham. We don't know how much it will sell for but the estimated price is between Β£80,000 and Β£100,000. With this being once owned by a legendary car enthusiast it is obviously worth a lot more. These tend to sell for around $20,000 in America.

There isn't a short supply of them, there were around 300,000 of these produced for WW2. This one arrived at the army on July 7th, 1945.

The new owner of this Jeep will receive a certificate of authenticity which I think looks wicked. They will also receive the original blue California license plates.

Will you be bidding?

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  • An interesting buy for someone but is a "name" really worth such a premium?

      2 years ago