- What a vibe! I love it! (Credit; BBC Top Gear, 2020)

Stig is here with some serotonin and smoke

In a new series from the Top Gear magazine team, enjoy el Stig going hell for leather in some cool cars.

14w ago

Enriched with a beautiful 1990s arcade game feel, this new series is the brainchild of Rowan Horncastle, the editor-at-large for the mag. Featuring stunning videography, colouring, editing, and an audio line to make your ears sings. Magnificent. A blast of joy that many of us need right now. More episodes are coming soon, but for now, enjoy His Stigness using an M3 GTS to turn some tyres into a localised funny-smelling cumulonimbus.

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  • Awesome drift 10/10 👍

      3 months ago