still called the top gear trio?

When a princess BECOMES a queen you won't call her a princess anymore too, do you?

4y ago

Today is a very exciting day. The first episode of Clarkson, Hammond, and May's new porn channel has launched. An emotional opening scene has been watched globally and I found it epic!

Top Gear and The Grand Tour don't even come close in terms of originality.

Douwe Faasen

What I actually dislike are the news article. The trio are still being referred as the Top Gear-trio. When a princess becomes a queen you don't call it a princess anymore too, do you?

In addition to that, the opening scene contained 2,5 million USD of cars, 2000 acrobats, and 6 jet planes. I don't want to bring down Top Gear, but their first episode contained a way to loud lighthouse, who wanted to imitate all three of them, and started his very short career with a pun about Jeremy and the catering.

The Grand Tour had one of the most epic opening scene. It was very clear to see that the trio combined their original ideas and created this nostalgic scene. I think that The Grand Tour will not be a new chapter for the trio, but a continuation of their passion and also our passion. Which is cars, and for Jeremy POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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