Sting, Shaggy and Fiat team up for "Just One Lifetime"

Interestingly, the same company that produces relatively inefficient small cars is advertising with a song about saving the planet.

1y ago

Yes, you read that right, Fiat has teamed up with Sting and Shaggy to create a relatively solid bop about humanity and climate change. "Just One Lifetime" is part of this unlikely duo's album 44/876.

This isn't FCA's first time is investing in musicians. They've backed the X Ambassadors when they used Renegades to advertise for the Jeep Renegade. FCA's investments in artists have created a total of 19 billion views on YouTube which means that they've reached 19 billion people with their advertisements for their vehicles, not bad.

Most of these long-form ads are the work of Olivier François, the chief marketing officer for FCA. François started working with FCA in 2011 when he launched the "Imported from Detroit" campaign with the help of Eminem. François was also responsible for RAM's 2018 Super Bowl ad that featured Queen's "We Will Rock You", but enough about François's other projects.

"Just One Lifetime" manages to capture the essence of the current environment, both socially and physically, and conveys a message of coming together for our own good. The song combines Sting's soothing rock sound with a reggae vibe that makes it the perfect song for simply taking in the moment.

The song talks about how we, as a people have lost sight of what's really important, life. "This generation has set a new trend, replace the world "enemy" with friends. Leaders of the world, these rules can't bend, this is the message that we send to them."

The final minute or so is spent with the main character in her new Fiat 500x going to a nightclub where she and her friend get up on stage to live in the moment and are joined by Sting and Shaggy for the final set of lyrics.

Overall it's a great song, but it also speaks to the vibe that François has established for Fiat, in the same sense that the word "Dodge" can't be spoken without the sound of wailing guitars and squealing tires. RAM's country sound and Jeep's classic rock help create a sense of inclusiveness when all of these sounds come together in the showroom. For FCA, they advertise with a cohesive theme, which is more than can be said for the relatively stale ads from other American automakers.

I personally love FCA's focus on arts and entertainment and think that it's awesome to see a company contribute to things that actually matter. Now if only they could make some decent cars…

What do you think of the song? What do you think of FCA's ads? Is it a lot of corporate nonsense, or do you too feel something deeper?

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Comments (3)

  • REPOSTING! lol

      1 year ago
  • Bunch of sellouts! I can’t believe Sting is involved in these money-grabbing activities. It’s not that I am a huge fan of him or his politics but it seems he is completely forgetting his socialist and environmentally minded views. FCA (soon to be PSA/FCA) is not an environmentally friendly partner.

      1 year ago