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Stock C8 Corvette does a 10 second pass at the drag strip

Watch the C8 Corvette blast down a 1/4 mile in just 10 seconds

2d ago


It's here!

The new C8 Corvette is here to show all of those gosh darn Germans and Europeans how sports cars are meant to be built, fast, cool, and cheap.

Oh, how the people sang. Corvette enthusiasts could finally say, "screw your Ferrari, screw your, McLaren, we too can have a mid-engined sports-car with 500 horsepower, but for one third the price!!"

Sped Phenom

Sped Phenom

But up until recently, we haven't had too much evidence of the C8's 'real-world' performance, sure magazines had tested it, and YouTubers had modded them, but few had shown what their C8's would actually do in the real world.

Until now...

YouTuber Sped Phenom initially began 'testing' his C8 on a drag strip, but wheelspin quickly became an issue, as his car struggled to beat a 4.0 second 0-60. Unpleased, he headed out onto the streets to see what his car could really do.

Surprisingly, wheelspin was no longer an issue on the street as the mid-engined Corvette did the sprint from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds! With an equally impressive quarter-mile time of 10.95 seconds.



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Comments (20)

  • Ford finally has some competition in the "American Supercar" category. And honestly, so does European manufacturers. The C8 is a terrific car!

      2 days ago
  • So does the frunk lid deploy as an air break on all vettes? Be useful at the strip.

      2 days ago
  • I read every DT post on the C8 and there is a consistent din of semi negative response. For my part, I think GM’s pragmatic approach to the C8 release is brilliant. I hope people remember that the C8 is a from the ground up remake. The C7 reached its full potential and a very impressive one at that.

    On the race track Pratt & Miller beat everyone ... including MB and Aston Martin.

    The C8 is a new completely new car and the first iteration is bound to have some glitches. By 2022, the C8 will be developed to the point that competing manufacturers will be reverse engineering the C8 in an effort to simply keep up. The Corvette is going to shake up the market place. With the global financial strain that covid has created, GM’s time couldn’t be better. Affordable super car performance!

      19 hours ago
  • But was the dash stitching straight?!

      2 days ago
  • Not bad for the price point. If they can engineer out some of the things built to a price and you don’t have these random mishaps (boneyards flying up etc) this will then elevate the car and give it properly credibility.

      1 day ago