- Is this the best supercar ever?

Stock McLaren 720S Does 1/4 Mile In Sub 10 Seconds!

1y ago


There have been enough videos out on the internet which have been providing sufficient proof that the 720S is no slouch. It has defeated the more powerful F12tdf, almost matched the 918 Spyder and made the Performante eat its dust. But until now it was not sure if it could clock the quarter mile in under seconds. We are talking hypercar territory here.

Mega Stance!

While we agree this track looks very well prepped for drag racing, we cannot disagree on the fact that this is one quick supercar; like 9.79 seconds in quarter mile quick. For reference, a Porsche 918 Spyder does quarter mile run in 9.7 seconds. Dodge Demon, a car specifically built for drag racing which happens to be a hardcore version of the Challenger does quarter mile in 9.65 seconds. The McLaren 720S in question here is a bone stock car with no modifications. We cannot imagine how quick its hardcore version is going to be!

Have McLaren made the best supercar ever?

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