Stock or not?

CONNOISSEUR or grabbing bastard?

Prices, they are on the rise at the moment, possibly driven by the 25 year rule expiring on the R32 model in America or, more likely with so many Skyline's succumbing to the rigors of time, simply supply and demand.

But the Skyline community are just a crazed bunch of drifting, modding, loud exhausted, tattoo enthusiasts? Well yes, this perception would be correct if we were all Jeremy Clarkson. However elements are certainly true. You don't have to be the worlds best mechanic to work on your car, (others can do that) but you do need to have some rough idea what you are on about and this is what drives (pun intended) the community along.

What is so bad with stock? Nothing at all, bizarre as it seems some people like to buy a car and just enjoy it for what it is. If anything I am not a car fascist and people should be able to do whatever the hell they like (with the possible exception of neons).

400R very nice but probably not much fun?

400R very nice but probably not much fun?

So you have a bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket, you don't want a Nissan GTR because (and lets be honest here) they are not exactly a head turner anymore. Want something original affordable and classic? Why not buy a R33 400R? Great! But what is the point in owning one, you can't do much with it technically, as it's value is in its originality, being a 400R. Same thing goes for GTR's generally and in some respects more and more now you have the top Skyline being outclassed by its little sister the GTSt, especially in 33 form. Of course the irony with the example of the 400R is that Nissan themselves wanted in on the modifying game with that much maligned name of Nismo (Nissan Motorsport) being involved.

Bang... Sell the kids and buy this.

Bang... Sell the kids and buy this.

Of course buying as an investment is 'bad' and it can only harm our little corner of the world, there are a few years yet until the R33 becomes available to the USA. It will be interesting to see if people start hoarding GTR's away keeping them ready for the big sell off now. The R34 especially in GTR form is a rare and expensive beast already and comparable to after market prices on a R35 already. As a footnote to this (and what started me thinking originally). Was a 33 owner, his car knackered, was going to break for scrap but with the rise in prices decided that it may be worth doing up. Good or bad.. Jury is out.

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