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Stop arguing. Let’s focus on making post-2030 fun.

How do we remember and champion this golden era?

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It’s 2045 in the English countryside. As dawn settles over the rolling hills of Wiltshire, a faint roar can be heard in the distance.

In a nearby village, a man cloaked in a black tracksuit pokes out his front door. He looks left and right; his ears open like some nocturnal fox. Scampering around to his garage, he gently opens the doors. He gets into his electric hatchback, parked in-front, and reverses back to attach a trailer box.

At the aid of the battery-powered car, the man drives out the village silently towards the roar.

When he finally draws closer, on the cusp of a hill he looks down at endless fields of tracks, tepees and dust clouds. There are shimmers of light from the crafted metalwork below. And the man draws a smile, for it is glued together by that most back tingling sound: internal combustion.

This is the annual Day of Engines. Or at least, it is in my mind, where I am imaging what happens in the years after the ICE ban comes in.

Because, while many people on DriveTribe and elsewhere have been debating about whether the ban is good or bad. Too early or not soon enough. A headline grabber or genuine sensible politics. I am thinking about beyond 2030.

I agree, 2030 seems quite abrupt. And yes, I’m absolutely certain that the whole ’10 point’ green plan was because of our upcoming Climate Summit. But, while I do believe there will be inevitable delays, worrying reports about the infrastructure, protests, MP witterings and everything else. A ban will happen at some point.

So, rather than fight an uphill battle, how do we ensure we do not forget this golden era? And what can we do to ensure the future is just as brilliant?

I’d like to start by offering three ideas:

1. Day of Engines

The Internal Combustion Engine has had such an enormous impact on our planet. It can trace its history back to the first industrial revolution in the Victorian Era, and we cannot let its achievements and beauty simply fade away.

While there are already – at least pre-covid – countless car festivals and fairs across the UK, I believe a special sort of remembrance day should be dedicated to it. And on that day, I think we could show our children the roar of V8s, the craftwork of super sports cars and the joy that came from good old mucking about in a field.

2. British Driver’s Society of Motoring

It strikes me the biggest concern by motoring enthusiasts is that EV’s are going to be really dull. And that already manufacturers seem rudderless. Not only that but pricing, tax and infrastructure could be a big hindrance.

We can’t spend 10 years whining about it on forums like this. It should be us that starts acting as the bastions of fun and consumer interests in motoring. In isolation, manufacturers and governments just don’t listen to people. They do however listen to groups. Much like how through history manufacturers have fostered owner clubs which helped shape them, perhaps we need to form a lobby group to defend the interests of actual drivers as we do this transition.

I’ve come up with the name ‘British Driver’s Society of Motoring’. Or BDSM for short.

3. Micro Manufacturing

I believe this fast move to EV could create the perfect opportunity for small entrants to the market. And they should be strongly encouraged. Right now, only a few big brands operate EVs, but perhaps we’ll see more companies like Rimac be created in the future. It’s this area which I think will be the most fascinating for us (motoring folk) over the next decade.

And as Britain is going to be one of the first to get rid of the ICE, perhaps this could mean a big rejuvenation for British innovation.

Anyway, that's my two cents on this debate.

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  • Answer:

    Stop voting left/labour.

    It's the only way to maintain freedom and grow Liberty...

    *Yes. That will irritate those that despise freedom and Liberty.

    But how can Liberty be an imposition on a rational group of people?? (The left is never rational)

      1 month ago
  • Talking Heads did a song called "Nothing but flowers".

    You can use that as an anthem, replacing Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain".

      1 month ago
    • Ha! Such a strange song. Ironically 'this must be the place' is one of my favourite tracks to drive to

        1 month ago
    • If I am in a hurry, I find "Love for sale" helps.

        1 month ago
  • Electrify family cars and don't electrify enthusiast cars since they don't sell much. Though, that's up to the manufacture's choice

      1 month ago
  • How different will the global lifestyle consumption look post-2030? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    *chart from Oxfam - Extreme Carbon Inequality - 2 December 2015

      1 month ago
    • So just America needs to be electric?

        1 month ago
    • No doubt the USA needs to rein in their copious consumption, stop fuel subsidies and enforce an equitable carbon tax, the rest of civilization needs to do the same. Electrification isn’t the miracle cure, reducing consumption is....

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • It's time for "EEEEEEEE*wind noises*" rather than "VROOOOM"

      1 month ago