Stop the lights... it's the new Kia Sportage!

After months and monnnnnths of speculation, it took the reveal of the new Sportage to drag me back to article writing from my hole of inactivity.

My god would you look at this. I've produced a fully fledged article once more. This might be good or bad news depending on who you are but for unity's sake let's all just pretend to be delighted. Of course, it would have to take a momentous occasion in the international motoring community to get me writing again after so long. And given how at this point 98% of the content I've created was based on a very particular once unrevealed South Korean crossover SUV, it seems wholesome that a full article would be only appropriate now that the covers are off.

Cus I really like the Kia Sportage......

Just a few times I obsessed over it there, were proof needed that I am a fan. As such, the revelation from heaven that is the fifth (how time flies) generation of the ultimate sales machine comes to me personally as a very excitable moment. And remember all the incessant blabbering about 'being controversial will be good for brand identity' and the shaaaaaade that followed. Well now I say do one, all of you, whether you objected or not I don't care. Because this is undoubtedly by design terms, controversial.

It is I think, what one might call 'the ugly duckling'. Because yes I do recognise it's quite ugly. But I think that's fantastic. What a questionable face.... so intriguing. You may observe this looks as though it's transformed from crossover to a full on 7 seater SUV. But I don't believe that's happened in actual fact, as currently sites are still slotting into the '3008/Tiguan' territory. With consideration it seems best this is the case though, because there's a perfectly good Sorento to fight the seven seater battle.

Anyway what's to tell. I don't want this to be a news article so I refuse to do the boring listing of statistics. Consider this a commentary piece. Unfortunately however that leaves me with little to comment on.

So anyway here's a picture of the interior!



Yeah that's quite boring. Shame. At least they threw in some proper funky air vents, and with the ability to mix together the likes of that white and blue, at least it's fairly custom looking.

Due to be released later this year, whether you like it or not perhaps you'll find reason to agree that at least, if all else has failed with this new model refresh, that the Sportage will have an upgraded status in terms of being one unique car on the road.

Now, with literally nothing left to discuss, thank you for reading. Hoping to get back into writing regularly for the fun of it but in the meantime hope you enjoyed this much????????


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