Stop what you're doing: The Suzuki Jimny has been recalled

Sunny Lam posted in Jdm

24w ago


The Suzuki Jimny is one of the hottest topics in the car community, it's ashamedly simple, cheeky good looks and charming in general won the world over.

Just as we thought Suzuki's having the best year with the hot-selling Jimny, the very popular Jimny Pickup and the very fun Swift Sport, the Japanese Government decided to order Suzuki to recall the Jimny.

The culprit of the recall is a front differential fitted wrongly. This may cause the front and rear wheels to spin a drastically different speed, which may stress out the drivetrain. In the worst case, the whole car may stop driving entirely.

The transport department in Japan has ordered Suzuki to recall the 20 Jimnys that were built on 12th - 18th of November, 2018.

That said, the Jimny is still a global phenomenon. In South Africa, the sales figures of the Jimny increased from 85 in November 2017, to 174 in 2018, that's a hike of 104% compared to the same month in 2017.

The Jimny itself is also a hit in Japan, if people want to buy a Jimny, they can't just go to a dealership and buy one in stock. The Jimny is so popular that no dealerships have stored any Jimnys, and they have to wait for 3 weeks for the pride-and-joy to arrive.

The Jimmy's ladder-frame chassis, solid axles, low-range transfer case won the world over. It may not have a fancy interior, but it's mechanically brilliance made it one of the world's biggest fame at the moment.

Credit: Suzuki

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