Stop your Christmas shopping – Amazon now sells its own engine oil

25w ago


Amazon has recently launched a 'basics' range of bits and bobs, ticking the boxes of those things that you just need. It's kind of like the 'essentials' section in a supermarket and I actually used it just the other day to buy a USB-C for the office gaming rig.

Now Amazon has taken things up a notch by adding engine oil to the list.

Used to lubricate the ridiculous amount of moving parts within your motor, engine oil is the life blood of any car and should definitely be an essential in your life if you're a true petrolhead.

Considering the amount of friction that can occur while those pistons are reciprocating and the valvetrain is tappeting away, having fresh, clean oil circulating around all compartments of your engine block is an absolute must.

Check out this person checking their oil back in the early 1900s – no excuses folks

Starting out as a golden colour, it won't be long until the oil does its job of cleaning the engine and getting rid of any small fragments of metal and carbon that are naturally created as an engine operates and slowly suffers from wear.

So if you love your car, it's worth making sure that all the crap that has been caught by the oil is then removed, annually if possible.

Amazon could be about to shake-up the automotive essentials market

This move from Amazon means that the motoring industry could be in for a serious reshuffle, seeing as the stores that currently dominate the market (places like Halfords or Euro Car Parts in the UK) could be about to take a massive hit now that the American leviathan is muscling its way in.

This place could be going downhill pretty quickly

Coming in at just $17, Amazon has immediately undercut the rest of the engine oil market. And it probably won't be long until they expand to other car servicing bits like spark plugs, oil filters, fuel filters and sump plugs.

I'm waiting for the day when an Amazon Basics crate V10 engine becomes available. But that's just me.