Children of today will never truly know what it was like to live in bygone eras. The past will forever be uncharted territory. The sights, sounds & spectacles that defined an era of motorsport will be locked in the annals of history forever.

Or so we thought. Out of the ashes of the past has risen a demon of the ancient world; it's a foe far beyond any of us. They're back.

Welcome to the FIA Historic Formula One Championship. And welcome to the Masters Historic Festival 2017 at Brands Hatch.

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The Masters Historic Festival celebrates the glory of the past, bringing together motoring machines from all categories.

Scored by an iconic symphony of raw unadulterated thunderous beauty, the Masters Historic Festival celebrates the iconic eras of motorsport history, bringing together Formula One, Sports & Touring Cars of yesteryear. There is no sound on planet earth more breathtaking than that which will shake you to your very core at Brands Hatch this weekend.

Bringing together Lotus, Williams, Tyrell & many more magnificent machines, the FIA Historic F1 Championship is one of the highlights of the Stopwatch calendar. Close racing, fabulous noise and a reminder that you can enjoy the spectacle of motorsport without the driver aids on a classically iconic circuit.

As a young child (and even to this day) one of my favourite films is none other than Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo. It shows the passion and personality of motorsport, with a dose of childish fun on top. What more could you possibly want?

The premise behind the film was the Paris - Monte Carlo endurance race. With the film being from 1977, it features some stunning sports cars including Lancias, Ferraris, BMWs, Chevrolets and even a De Tomaso!

Not convinced? Watch this trailer and tell me you aren't hooked. The best part is, sports cars just like these will be at Brands Hatch this weekend as part of the Historic Sports Car Series. This series brings back endurance racing of old to the modern world. This is not something to be missed.

Speaking of Monte Carlo, if you choose to enjoy the Masters Historic Festival with us at Stopwatch, you can enjoy the 2017 Monaco GP live on our TV screens.

For only £45, you will enjoy our Trackside Lounge Hospitality package (including entry!) & we will even throw in a garage tour with one of the Historic F1 teams.

To purchase your tickets, follow this link to our Facebook shop:

With such a stunning line up on show, is there a better way to spend your Bank Holiday Weekend than with Stopwatch Hospitality at the Masters Historic Festival?

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