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Stories from a petrolhead: Support for the hopeless.

A certainly touching story that left me a good taste of the car comunity.

Many people ask me about the furry fandom, how it is, what we do... I have clear that despite our charity meetups, our outtings trough parks to play with kids and take pictures to make their days we aren`t exactly like nuns but we still play our part in order to make things better.

However I won`t talk about that on this post since my story is certainly a example we should take, and above all to remember it when things like that one occur.

tis story is from my early days on the Cartrotthle website when I was still a young enthusiast, I didn`t know half of what I know now about cars.

when a new user joined the website it was habit for them to post in the meet and greet section and pressent themselves to the community, this user called Mickey Mouse presented himself as a fan of that anthropomorphic mouse, his uncle had a C7 corvette... we all greeted him properly and then lost interest as usual with other new users, then we resumed fighting between each other as we did, car y vs x car, Muscle car sound vs JDM noise... you say it... fighting like 10 year olds we were back on Cartrotthle... site which is now deceased.

However one day arrived when I spoke to Mickey and then realized he was the type to help people, he was also like me on other aspects.

One of the persons he helped was named Landon, a friend of his, in a post he published to the CT website he told us what happened to him, Landon suffered from a cancer that threathened to end his life, in the post he made a hashtag named #LoveforLandon, Mickey encouraged us to upload our car spots, our best images for him to see them. before I even knew it the comunity stopped fighting each other and gawking, then that strength was put to start making posts for landon, we were hopeful he would get better.

and the community went to work, we stopped fighting and we started to publish to make Landon happy with hope that he would get better, the days went by and the hashtag #LoveforLandon was used without any rest...

the muscle car enthusiasts took their best photos, the JDM fans shown their spots... the comunity somehow woke up from the fight and shown their suport for the kid, spots,images, music, videos... he would surely never run out of things to watch.

Even I contributed to post on the Hashtag it was clear that support and happiness were one of the keys to help someone with cancer and I was certainly not shy about it.

however, there was one day in which I got up from bed like another day, I went to my institute, studied, made physical education class, took my afternoon snack, studied... and then I saw the CT website, I felt like publishing another post for him.

in my feed there was a post from Mickey disguised as his favorite character alongside Landon, the brave kid that united a divided car comunity, however I didn`t like the content of the message above the picture.

"I have terrible news, and I do not know how to put it any other way ..."

those news were no other news that Landon had passed away last night, when we learnt of the news we were shocked, even if we couldn`t believe it we had to accept that it had happened.

However our fighting didn`t resume as usual, for some reason that made us more reasonable despite our young age, we became slightly more peaceful and collected.

As days passed and people briefly talked about it... all of this left me with a good taste on the mouth, seeing how we were able to stop our fighting in order to help someone we didn`t even knew, to make him enjoy his last days with happiness.

However I think Landon was the true hero of this story, despite his condition he united us under the same purpose despite our diferences, I witnessed how strong we were as comunnity when we were united, when we didn`t fight over pointless things like taste of cars, we had become unstoppable during that time.

the only thing that I regret of all of this? that time has erased what Landon taught us, to be united.

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  • How come i didn't know about this! I check CT everyday and i somehow missed this! That's quite a shameful thing for me... Wherever you are, Landon, i hope you're having a good time!

      2 years ago
    • I'm sure he's watching us coming together as petrolheads again and standing next to momo.

        2 years ago
    • I wish i got to know them both. When i joined CT, Momo had already passed away, as for Landon... when did this whole thing happen?

        2 years ago
  • Oh my god, all this time on CT and I didn't know about this

      2 years ago