Stories You May Like: November 2017

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Series: Individual motorization experiences

My Childhood Thriller: Lada 21053 (Motorization behind the Iron Curtain, part 1)

Lada 21053 (Riva): Hero of Its Time (Motorization behind the Iron Curtain, part 2)

Academic Car Buy (How hard can it be to purchase your first car?)

Eve. The First Woman (My story of life & adventures with Mazda 323F BA, part 1)

Christine. The Perfect Lover (My story of life & adventures with Mazda 323F BA, part 2)

Himera-Q: Ukraine's Super-Car Ambition (Constructing Bugatti's competitor from a scratch)

Series: Car philosophy & reflections

Transcedent Motoring (Do cars have souls?)

Cars, Human Nature, & Doom of Consumerism (Why buying new cars is necessary: economics & psychology)

Flying Teapots: Then & Now (The mystery behind non-existence of steam cars)

Drivers, Driving, & Drivernance (The way to get rid of speed cameras. Forever)

Last Men & Their Automobiles (The risks of drivers becoming passengers in the newest high-tech cars)

Cartesian Automobile (What if the world's biggest nerd engineered cars?)

Crossing the Dreampoint (Why buying Lambo Galardo is sometimes better than Dacia Sandero?)

Machines & Human Affection: Revitalizing Power (Should we add new functions to old cars?)

Being Non-Muscle Car in a Maculine Motorworld (Marvellous, different, and underestimated Toyota Prius)

From Stockholm With Love (The devoted drivers feel pain when their car breaks. Pain & pleasure)

Series: News, events & reflections

Mud, Wracks, & Therapy (Reportage from Car Wrack Race)

Mazda's 323 Series & Wrack Races (Reportage from Car Wrack Race)

Warsaw Moto Semi-Show 2017 (Reportage & reflections from a HUGE moto show with no new concepts presented)

Series: Drivetribe experience

Tribal Sociology (The dawn of Dribetribe: How primordial colonizers explored the petrolhead jungles)

The #Acadrive Birthday Story (What is the Academic Driving about & where it heads to: first year summary)

Apart from the full-fledged articles, the Academic Drive Tribe can offer you a bunch of shorter texts. Follow the tags: #exercise, #reflection, #stereotype, #observation

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  • Good job i am semi-retired as i seem to have a lot of reading to do....

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  • An epic library.

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