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Despite not living in my home country, I am fortunate enough to have pathological petrolheads as close friends. This means that for the last few years, instead of doing pointless parties for my birthday, I invited some of my friends for a morning of motor racing, the sport I chose was Autocross.

Autocross, or hillbillies racing, is plain and simple; that's three cars racing on a dirt track. The reason why I chose it is fairly simple, it's not something you come across very often, so the curiosity got me.

This specific track is located near the city of Piestany in Slovakia, behind a farm. The brief is simple, just have fun but don't flip the car as it will cost you a 300 EUR penalty - and given the shape of the roof on some cars, it seems to be a considerate source of additional income. Speaking of the cars, the current line up consists of three BMWs 3-series Compact, the interior only has a driver seat, a home-made roll cage, a 4-points harness and a 5 liters gas-canister as a fuel tank. The previous line-up consisted of Skoda Felicias that were retired due to constant flipping.

Forget about racing lines, apexes, grip and all that of non-sense; focus on avoiding holes and braking soon enough not to hit a tree. Ram your opponent to notify him you'd like to get past.

The beauty of this activity is the pure fun you get out of it. Cheap, beaten up cars that you trash shamelessly around a dirt track, it simply doesn't get any better. Hitting 90km/h on what is basically a dirt road is downright scary, and scary is fun. No matter how good you think you are, you will crash, and crashing I did by over-steering into a tree stump. A friend of mine popped a tire and almost flipped the car, real fun stuff!

Eat my dust! (gif by me)

Eat my dust! (gif by me)

They even make a competition out of that. Basically you need to get yourself a cheap (obviously) car, then they can make you a roll cage and that's it, you are ready to go motor racing. I'm pretty sure this is even less expensive than the 24 hours of Lemon.

Would you like to see more of it? Should we shoot a video next time we go there? Let me know in the comment section!

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