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STORY TIME: it was the year 2000 I was 13 years old and down the street from my house there was a motorcycle for sale at a yard sale. I've never seen one like it before, it was a 1972 AMF harley Davidson dirt bike.
80cc 2 stroke with a 6 speed transmission, yes you heard that right, It was fast. The bike was made in Italy by aermacchi motorcycles. Only two places in the United States to buy parts for it, in San Francisco and Chicago. I just recovered from my last and biggest brain operation you could ever imagine.
I was just starting to ride a bicycle again and I wanted this thing. So I used my natural born negotiation skills and convinced my mom to by it for me.
I fixed it all up ordered carb kit, gaskets, and tires. "That was challenging" ended up putting road tires on it and I started riding my first motorcycle. Rode it for over a year I eventually crashed it into a boar hog and rode it home with a broken trottle cable. Busted gas cap and a broken jaw.
I fixed the cable with a bicycle cable and stuffed a Ball of tinfoil in the gas tank for a cap. "I was desperate" I kept riding it and it was eventually stolen never saw it again or another one like it until a couple weeks ago at the junk yard the blue one was identical to my bike. First motorcycle story what's yours ?

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