Strange Practice Accident Haas F1 Demanding Compensation

1y ago


During Free Practice Two, a drain cover became dislodged and came to rest on turn 13. Hass F1 driver Romain Grosjean hit the cover at nearly 170 MPH immediately distroying his right rear tire, sending the french driver into a spin, eventually hitting the wall. The impact was registered at 17G and caused major damage to the car. Damage that Haas believes could have been avoided and has led the American team to seek compensation from the track organizers.

Hass F1 boss, Gunther Steiner, called the incident "unacceptable" and is currently in discussions to recover the cost of the damage. The cause of the incident was faulty welds and caused the organizers to revisit every single drain on the track, strengthening them where required. The damages to Grosjean's car were believed in excess of £500,000.

"I cannot say - 'oh, OK, we now let, let's say, three quarters of a million [dollars] go because somebody forgot to weld something in, it's all good'. Steiner said. “We pay to come here, we pay a fee to come here, everybody has to pay. We discussed it and they were very professional about it. They have insurance, let's see what we can do.”

Haas and circut officials are expected to continue discussions ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix.

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