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Strange Tesla Supercharger Backup Can Only Happen In This Upscale Community

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I wasn't born yet when Americans suffered the oil crisis back in 1973. An oil embargo put on by the petroleum exporting countries triggered an oil shortage, skyrocketed the price of gas, produced long lines at the gas stations (restricting the days in which you can refill your tank), produced a 55 MPH maximum speed limit, and ultimately led to a paradigm shift in the design and sales of cars.

Fortunately, we haven't had to go through such drastic shortages again. But the images of long lines at the pump still occur from time to time, usually from freakish superstorms that occur every once in a while. The latest reporting from Twitter that drummed up memories from the past is this strange picture of Teslas lining up for electricity in a Mountain View, California Supercharging station.

This isn't quite the oil crisis all over again where cars are lining up at gas stations and waiting for hours, because of several reasons: 1) The price of oil has not destabilized to quadruple the existing price. 2) These Teslas aren't lining up at a gas station. They're lining up at a Supercharging station where they can get free electrons (for now) for their electric vehicles. 3) Teslas don't use gasoline.

However, the thought of people waiting in line for hours to refill "fuel" for their mode of transport, is not a new situation. Except this time it is only limited to upscale electric vehicles and in a place where it's quite expensive to live.

The reason why this strange backup might be happening is because of several factors: 1) The amount of Teslas that exist in this community, where Apple, Google, and Microsoft employees live, is staggering. 2) It was Sunday night where people presumably would top off their electric vehicles for the start of the work week. 3) The amount of available public charging stations at the workplace has not kept up with the amount of Tesla owners. And 4) The amount of people who can afford Teslas outnumber the amount of people who can afford the mega expensive homes that can charge Teslas overnight.

So this might be the perfect storm where the only place people can reliably refill their Teslas are these Supercharging locations, which for new owners is no longer a free lunch. It will be interesting to see what happens to these stations as more and more Teslas fill the road ways and more Model 3's (over 300,000 of them preordered) gets delivered. Time will only tell whether we'll see more of these massive backups in the future.

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  • What a bunch of cheapass twats. If you can afford the upfront cost of a Tesla then you can afford the $2.00 of electricity to charge the thing at home 😉 It's almost as sad of a display as people camping out front of an iphone store. Really odd that people are willing to waste so much time standing in line.

    1 year ago
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    • Homes in Silicon Valley start in the low millions, many people in Silicon Valley live in multi family apartments without garage parking. It’s not like they can’t afford to charge...

      Read more
      1 year ago
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    • Then obviosly they should have bought a car that they can put gasoline or diesel in. That just means they bought the wrong car 🤔 revelation 🤗

      1 year ago
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  • Silly. Musk had the opportunity to really claim a big part of the market - clearly demand was there - but he got distracted by space.

    1 year ago
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