- Photos: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Strangely, I like it

27w ago


Car isn't usually considered to be art however aesthetically pleasing it is. In my understanding not every object provoking emotions and thoughts is an art. Old fashioned, yeah, it is. To me art is something beautiful, something out of my reach. Auto design is a bit more tricky as a lot of science is involved in the process of creation - aerodynamics, safety, comfort etc. So car looks is never a pure art but a blend of everything we want from a car. One cannot deny that there are astoundingly beautiful cars and they could be considered a work of art itself, those that are not that perfect can be used as a blank canvas and become a piece of art. Painting of car most probably is the true art by definition.

Photos: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

As arts is a very subjective thing, nowadays anyone can be an artist, there are so many possibilities and to be honest there are far more talented people then one could imagine. Not all "master ships" are worth existing of course but they do their job of making you feel something that even author cannot always predict. Still there is fine line between art and not.

Danish museum ARoS Aarhus had a Lamborghini Gallardo on display back in 2016 and it definitely tears me apart. 'No Man Is an Island – The Satanic Verses' exhibition offered its visitors to leave any markings on the car, literally anything. The aim of the exhibition was to show that every action leaves its trace, in this case a destructive one I guess, to encourage people to reflect on our lives, culture and contemporary society. Such a beautiful automobile so awfully treated! These were my first thoughts. Ahh, but I love the way it looks so much ! I can't call this vandalism either. Do I need to change my views on art? Probably no. But I think it looks so good because its a lambo.

Seriously, most people do not like scrathes on their car even if it is old and cheap. Owning a Lambo makes it even worse, it is so expensive to repaint it. This case is a different case and if owner ever wants to sell it price will be much higher then for a regular perfect car.

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Source: en.aros.dk/about-ar os/press/2016/no-man-is-an-island/