- Andrew Stevens' Nissan 180SX during the Infinite Time Attack at Barbagallo Raceway / PHOTO: BeardySnaps

Street Car laps Barbagallo Raceway in 57 seconds

Andrew Stevens pushed his Nissan 180SX around Barbagallo Raceway in 57.7629 seconds over 1.5 seconds quicker than his previous best lap.

At the recent WA Infinite Time Attack, Andrew Stevens from Hyperdrive Motorsport pushed and slid his Nissan 180SX around Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia in an incredible 57.7629 seconds which was 3 tenths faster than the 2nd place Peter Major in a Lotus Exige.

With his wild slide through Turn 7 at Barbagallo one of the most talked about moments of the day and the lap time 1.5 seconds faster than the current lap record held under race conditions, which Andrew also holds, he has uploaded footage of "that lap" which for your enjoyment is below!

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  • Watch this Nissan 180SX go round Barbagallo Raceway in under a minute. @tribe

      1 year ago