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Street Speed charged in infamous TRX jump

Eighteen-charges and none of them have anything to do with the torture and mayhem against the darling pickup truck that is the Ram TRX.

MT Blake posted in USA News
3w ago

You'd think people would be up in arms about a man jumping his TRX nearly to death. But we're all a bit too educated to get too upset? Isn't the point of buying high performance, desert dune jumping monster to find the limits at which it will break? Apparently, Street Speed 717, real name Michael James Hyssong, did break some parts as the flotsam of his adventure is being used against him with charges to include littering!

The now infamous video has racked up nearly 2-million views since its posting on January 13th of this year. It was covered nearly everywhere (including here too!) The fame and exposure were big enough for John Q. Law to notice. Being video evidence is one of the most convincing types of evidence used by law enforcement, they must have been salivating at the chance to deliver these charges on a silver platter - and that's exactly what they did.

According to the court docket from the Pennsylvania District Court at the York County Courthouse, there are 10 summary offenses and 8 misdemeanor charges. You read that right, 18 charges from one day of galavanting around Quaker Country. The ten summary offenses appear to amount to mere infractions. The infractions carry a penalty of not less than $20 nor more than $50 for each piece of litter discarded - that's all typically before court fees. The misdemeanor charges are of course much more concerning as those can have jail time as a penalty.

Both the charges of "Disturbing waterways or watersheds" and "Pollution of Waters" are misdemeanor crimes and could land Street Speed 717 in the slammer. If you read both of these sections you'll see the second charge lists the evidence required as "In criminal prosecutions under this section for water pollution known to be injurious to fish, it is not necessary to prove that the violation has actually caused the death of, or damage to, any particular fish." That means the TRX didn't actually have to smash a trout on its way through the creek - it would be generally assumed driving a 707-hp truck through a stream 'could' hurt the fish.

As reported by our friends at The Drive, the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission wasn't willing to provide a statement, citing the on-going investigation. But Street Speed 717 did clarify some of the mess in another video posted on March 12th. No doubt his lawyer (and YouTube's) would have provided some advice prior to posting the video due to the fact his earlier antics are being used against him.

I'm willing to bet the goal behind the prosecution is an attempt to deter anyone else from such activities. Many of you will feel these charges are heavy-handed - and they are, especially if Mike gets some jail time. As with most cases where the state is the victim, these charges will most likely end with a fine and an apology. No fortune, such as Mike has been collecting, is safe from anyone trying to get a piece of the pie.

As it's always said, any news is good news. Or if I were Mike, I'd like to remember the saying, "Same game, different levels. Same hell, different devils." We all wish him luck with all his future endeavors, hopefully with fewer matters of the law involved.

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Comments (59)

  • This is ridiculous! I really can’t believe he’s being charged for something done on PRIVATE property. Over reach!

      23 days ago
    • Yeah the private property thing is definitely the game changer here

        22 days ago
    • Unfortunately it is not a game changer. Federal environmental rules deem all rivers, streams, ponds, puddles and mere trickles as ‘waters of the United States’, regardless of whether they are on private property. This is not the first...

      Read more
        22 days ago
  • America - the land of the “free”. What a joke this country has become.

      23 days ago
    • Get ready, by the end of Biden's first term they will probably change USA to USSA. Union of the Socialist States of America 😖

        22 days ago
    • Yes, liberalism is communism

        22 days ago
  • That guy did something stupid,he definitely deserves a punishment,but 18 charges? that's a bit overkill.

      23 days ago
  • That's ridiculous. Haven't they got better things to do than put 18 charges on a guy for jumping a truck?

      23 days ago
  • Okay. But how does it matter if it’s done on private property. Agreed that some oil may have gone into the stream, but 18 CHARGES??? Law enforcement is just spending time on YouTube instead of catching the real criminals…

      23 days ago