- All images of the modified F12 accredited to dailydrivenexotics via Instagram

Striking 1500hp Ferrari F12 has two turbos protruding from bonnet

Is it the Ferrari of your dreams or a case of unrestrained engineering?

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is an impressive car on its own as it produces 731hp and 508lb-ft (690Nm) of torque from its sensational 6.3L V12. However, Aaron Kaufman took the Prancing Horse's figures to another level by strapping a pair of turbochargers to the engine.

The result is anything but subtle. As you can see, the turbochargers were unable to fit inside the engine bay, which meant that many modifications had to take place. The charge pipes and throttle bodies were repositioned whilst holes had to be cut in the bonnet for the turbos to fit. The exhaust note is a departure from the standard car and can be best heard at 6:35 in the video below.

Daily Driven Exotics estimates that the vehicle produces approximately 1500hp, which is rather mighty. We are yet to discover to what extent the 0-60mph time and top speed have been improved but hey, at least the engine can still rev to a healthy 8000rpm. Let's just hope Ferrari don't come knocking with a cease and desist letter...

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Comments (5)

  • That's badass! Btw Aaron Kaufman is a really cool guy kinda wish he never left Gas Monkey tho

      1 month ago
  • Everything is better with boost

      1 month ago
  • This is great.

      1 month ago
  • Isnt this the ferrari that jeremy said had too much power? And then they maybe doubled it with twin turbos

      1 month ago
  • Congrats DDE Ferrari officially hates you now.

      1 month ago