STROKE OF LUCK. Underground Custom’s ‘74 Yamaha TZ250 Racer

6w ago


Trust us. When it comes to finding amazing bikes in weird places, we at the House of Burnt Pipes have pretty much heard it all before. Just discovered a unit Triumph in a nearby barn or shed? Pffft! Unless it’s a three-wheeled Brough Superior or a priceless Harley down a toilet, we’ll barely bat an eyelid. So imagine our busy little palpebra superiors when a man called Petros came to us with this, a 70s Yamaha TZ250 production racer that was found in a paralysed man’s cargo container in southern Cyprus…

“Well, my name is Petros Louca and I’ve just turned 30. I am from Limassol in southern Cyprus. I studied Business Management in the UK; it is the one thing that I sometimes regret because I was always interested in automotive engineering. Anyway, the business skills can come in handy. When I was a teenager, I used to work in a motorcycle shop every summer and that’s where I found my love for motorcycles.”


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