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      Struggle Of A Confined Petrol Head Part III

      The ongoing saga of me and my rubbish luck in the motoring world continues.....

      2y ago


      I've been documenting my progress in my bid to obtain my license and all the obstacles in my way, and trust me there's been a fair few! You can catch up on the story so far here and here. Well, everything has ground to a screeching halt in the last week. Here's why.

      In the last few months I've been dong four hours worth of driving lessons every week to ensure that I pass my test first time. I managed to save up enough money for it by working every hour I could, even if that meant working until 1am! I've been living on Tesco meal deals and Pot Noodles just to save every penny I can. This was all I have ever wanted, to have my own license and car, my own set of wings and the opportunity to get a better bloody job. It was all leading to last Wednesday (10/10/18) at 2:42pm. I was so fucking nervous that all I could do was pee. I was mentally going over every manoeuvre for hours on end. I had a lesson with my instructor beforehand, which he was late for, and it went to shit but my instructor said he was 90% sure I'd pass. Every lunatic was on the road and my foot was shaking on the pedals. We pulled into the test centre at Cardington, I was so nervous I tried to pull a push door. Once my name was called it was showtime, my opportunity to prove my driving credentials. I read the number plate and the examiner introduced himself, we the set off on the 20 minute Sat-Nav drive up the A21. Actually, that was grand. I got in a zone that I felt as close to comfortable as I could in the situation. We pulled in to a side road and parked on the left, I was going pretty well. My parallel park was beautiful, I mean it was a sexy parallel park. I was a proud as punch with it, I felt like I was nailing this test. Next we drove down one of the narrowest, busiest streets in Bedford; Castle Road. Cars were parked on both sides and it was a bit tight but nothing I felt I couldn't handle. I did mess up a gear, I tried to take off at one of the biggest roundabouts in second. What a helmet!

      When were returned to the test centre I was feeling optimistic, not cocky but confident. I parked in the bay and wound her down. I genuinely felt that I had passed right up until the point that he said ''I'm sorry Miss.Dagg but this time you've failed, would you like to know why?'' I lost it. I cried like a little kid and I'm not ashamed to say I did. I could barely speak. I only got 5 minors and 1 major. Clearance. Apparently I was too close to a van parked on my left on Castle Road. I never even thought it was an issue. I was shocked that that was even a fail. I was (and still am a bit) inconsolable. On the way home my instructor wanted to buy me coffee but I was crying to much to reply. I was stupid to think that me, someone that hasn't had any luck since 2009, could pass first time. I think I ruined DriveJohnsons' 92% pass rate too. When I got home my mother left a ''Congratulations'' teddy on my bed, I just sat on the floor and cried. And cried. And cried.

      Plaster on a smile and get on with it.

      Plaster on a smile and get on with it.

      One of the biggest mistakes I made was telling everyone. I had a load of messages from the girls in work and my friends asking how it went with little heart emojis beside it. I had to cave and admit I didn't pass. I just wanted to wallow in self pity for a bit. Everyone said I can do it again it's not big deal, I'll definitely pass next time and all the best pass second time. But now I had a new problem. I invested all my money in these lessons and this one test that I didn't have enough in my savings to do it all again. I was crying on the phone to my friend/supervisor and she agreed to give all overtime to me along with time off at short notice in case there was an earlier cancellation and my friend/senior agreed to give me lift home when she can to save on bus fairs. I'm forever grateful to have them.

      I have rebooked my test but this time I'm only telling two people the time and date; my instructor and my mate/supervisor. I will still do the lessons but unfortunately I can't sustain the same volume as before. It's embarrassing to admit on Drivetribe that the law says I'm not allowed to hold a license based solely on 40 minutes on one particular day. I hope that this story helps someone else though. What is it you Brits say; keep calm and carry on. I have made my mind up on one thing, if I don't pass the next time I won't do it again. There's only so much rejection I can take.

      Looks like Bedford isn't as easy as people think.

      Looks like Bedford isn't as easy as people think.

      I did find out a bit about my examiner afterwards. I'm still very salty so I have no problem naming and shaming him. My mate had him the the first time too and he failed her for something silly as well. Every test centre has that one dickhead examiner and I happened to get him when any other examiner would have passed me and I'd be looking for a car right now. Well Bedfords arsehole is call Richard or Dick as he told me to call him (very accurate). He actually smiles when he tell you you've failed. If I get him next time I'm fucked.

      So that's where I'm at. Back to being broke, working ridiculous hours to pay for a test I may fail again and back at square one. I'm not proud to fail but maybe if hit the bottom and the only way is up. I know I've been very quite on here for a bit and I'm glad you've been patient with me. I will keep posting on Tyre Tracks. I hope you enjoy reading my misadventures in motoring and hopeful the next one will be good news.



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      • Keep pushing through and look for that support from the ones you love. You'll eventually get there!

          2 years ago
      • Keep at it. All the best drivers fail the first time out. Just remember that yes, you have to do two driving tests. But he has to tell people at parties that he as a driving examiner and nobody will want to talk to him.

          2 years ago
      • I failed my first driving test aswell. When the driving instructor got out of his office I jumped up, reached out my hand and said good morning. But instead of shaking my hand he just shoved some papers in it and doesn't even say hello.

          2 years ago
        • I was so upset I scrunched my report into a ball. Took me two days to look at it.

            2 years ago


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