- Standing proud, the Ranger Raptor has looks to usher zombies out of the way...

Stuck in a Zombie apocalypse? Only the Ford Ranger Raptor will do!

3w ago


Knowing you have to traverse extreme environments, endure extreme weather and all without stopping for a break would generally be a worry. However when you're behind the wheel of Ford's new Ranger Raptor it turns into an utter pleasure, as getting over even the most horrific of terrains is with ease thanks to the unstoppable characteristics of Ford's new beast.

The Ranger Raptor is a new addition to Ford's growing Ranger platform, with new technology and a brand new engine - it's game changing for them - and the rest of the industry. Being higher, heavily reenforced, considerably wider and packing even more intelligent driver aids than ever before, it's never been easier to survive a zombie apocalypse than right now.

Now wearing the 'Raptor' badge with pride, this new Ranger is something totally new..

"Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

On road the Ranger Raptor drives unlike any lifted and wide truck with big tyres that I've ever driven before, thanks to specifically re-designed tyres there's also no 'road hum' at higher speeds. Cornering is with little roll, acceleration is decently brisk, braking is painful (in a good way) and general feedback is great. At times you forget you're driving a pickup truck, let alone one which is high, wide, has huge tyres and could basically drive over a town whenever you ask.

The new engine is Ford's brilliant 2.0 diesel which produces 210bhp and 367lb ft through a 10 speed auto box, making 0-62mph in 10.5 seconds and topping out at 106mph. This engine is going to be the only one available soon (in any Ranger), so it's a good thing it's actually decent - it'll enable you to easily drive through a zombie hoard whilst sipping on a cuppa. I'll miss the inline five, however emission rules are rules... and ford are obeying them.

It's not the end of the world but Morocco has a distinctively awkward road system which would be world ending for most vehicles...

Off road capability is unquestionable, throwing the Ranger Raptor through sand dunes and across rocks it was entirely unstoppable. The only time it would get stuck was due to driver error, even then it would be able to pull itself out and continue the journey. To go from cruising on tarmac to jumping sand dunes in a vehicle which can also do the school run is simply immense. Whilst there isn't a VAT perk to buying these (due to payload limitations), if you want something as effortlessly superb at everything as this... you have no option.

Inside it's a little different to a standard Ranger too, with synthetic materials to give you extra grip, a racing 'centre' stripe to ensure you know where you're pointing and other 'Raptor' bits and bobs. However, it's still as hard wearing, still as comfortable and still as every day'able as the standard Ranger is - it's just a little more... intense now to allow you to drive... intensely.

Got big... ahem... expectations? Watch this.

End of the world you say...? Pfft, no problem.

"Why is it perfect to defeat a zombie hoard/survive the apocalypse in then?"

That, my dear, is elementary. Lifted, unstoppable, frugal, comfortable... and it looks damn cool too. It truly is the definition of a vehicle to take you beyond the end of the world and bring you back in one piece. Adventuring the wastelands? The SYNC3 system gives you extra peace of mind with superb GPS features including a 'tracking' bit of kit incase you get lost and need to retrace your steps. Scavenging has never been so... well, easy. Put all of that alongside the fact that once the zombies have left and you're back on the school run it'll do that too, I think it's a no brainer as to why I'd be wanting one of these then.

Prices aren't cheap though, starting at a whopping £47,000 it's definitely one of the most expensive pickups on the market - and thanks to the limited payload weight there's no chance of reclaiming the VAT (not so good for business buyers). That said though, there isn't a single pickup on sale currently which offers as much as the Ranger Raptor does. You honestly forget you're in such a big vehicle until you meet a smaller vehicle on the road and almost crush them.

I loved every second driving this unstoppable beast, no matter if I was on tarmac having fun in twisty's or pushing it through seriously demanding terrain - it handled everything with ease. There are more luxurious trucks, there are cheaper trucks... but there aren't any which have everything the Ranger Raptor does.