Student crashes Ford Mustang into school by mistake

When will they learn?

6w ago


Ford Mustang drivers don't have the best reputation these days. They are widely known for launching, losing control and crashing into crowds of people. That's just what happens these days, except this time it's a school.

This Mustang driven by a pupil crashed into the brick wall at the entrance of North Star High School in Boswell, Pennsylvania last Thursday.

From the photo, you can see the car’s front end was destroyed and the driver’s door was ripped off. We can also see damage to the roof, rear fender and door which means it was a pretty hefty crash,

According to WTAJ, a student hit the gas instead of the brakes and looks to have jumped over the curb and into the school.

The student was obviously shaken up after this incident but thankfully was safe and nobody was injured. But hopefully they now learn which pedal is which.


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Comments (18)

  • Why is it so easy for kids in the US to drive powerful cars

    Over here you would get insurance for a car like that till you were in your 20s and it still would be expensive

      1 month ago
    • Parents. Never would have happened without parental funding or support. My Dad mandated an 82 Tercel for my first car. He was smart. I even waited until 17.5 to get my license BECAUSE I knew I wasn't ready. My foot was ALWAYS flat on the floor....

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • My friend just paid £2500 to insure a Vauxhall corsa 1.2 for his 18year old son

      The cars value was only £4500

        1 month ago
  • Lucky kid. Could have been much worse.

      1 month ago
  • This is why children shouldn't be given Mustangs.

      1 month ago
  • Mustang drivers start crashing early

      1 month ago
  • seems like Mustangs have a will of their own...

      1 month ago


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