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New Studio

A first look at the new Studio the team at DriveTribe has been developing.

10w ago

Studio has been the main tool that many of our content creators have been using to create all these fantastic posts for the rest of the world to read and quizzes for you to play. Sadly, for Studio, it has been running on some very old technology for which support has dwindled and maintaining this webapp an even more challenging task.

Enter Studio V2

A cleaner looking dashboard

A cleaner looking dashboard

You can now see all your posts beautifully laid out in this paginated list. You will also be able to filter by post type.

Filtering by post type

Filtering by post type

Article Editor

A huge amount of attention has gone into our Article post type editor especially to the user experience. But you will still be able to do all the same old things in Studio V2 as you did in the old Studio. As demonstrated with this gallery block.

But, also you can do all this with your mobile device too.

And of course, Dark Mode for you night owls...

Studio V2 in Dark Mode

Studio V2 in Dark Mode

Great!!! So, how do I use it???

Unfortunately, as this is still in active development Studio V2 is not quite ready for the general public. We have been testing extensively and will slowly open this up to more users to take our new Studio for a test drive as it becomes more stable. There are still a number of bugs and kinks that have to be ironed out!

For the lucky users who get to try out Studio V2 please do report any bugs you find directly to me.

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Comments (3)

  • Now this looks amazing! Great job and thank you to everyone involved in making this platform even better. <3

      2 months ago
  • Cool! I look forward to using it on both my PC and mobile!

      2 months ago
  • Brilliant

      1 month ago