Studio V2.01 Renderer: I Approve

30w ago


It may be slack of me to not use the Java-based applet I initially preferred. Problem was, the official Java installers kept crashing, with no resolution in sight. This is despite being a known issue for over a year...

Just $334 build away, no more to pay*

And so, with heavy heart, blah-blah-blah -- I installed an editor with built-in renderer. Studio 2 is very nice. I still create and edit in LDD, as I'm an old fart who'd rather not deal with the quirks of new software that otherwise performs the same basic function.

These 1920x1080 renders took approximately one hour each. I maxed the quality settings and used the Piazza light preset. Onto more pics.

Unmistakable Mk2 CRX rump. Yes, the hatch opens (with some difficulty).

Currently 868 pieces total. I'd like to say this is the final RHD version. Can I?

Title pic again, just for flow.

LDD tells me the bonnet opens to 34 degrees. Closed is -9 degrees.

Yes, bonnet hump present and correct.

Just AUD $334 build away, no more to pay*

According to Studio V2.01, it's 28.3 cm long, 16cm wide and 10.4cm high. Roughly 1:12 scale.

*I'm guessing these are for brand new pieces, direct from the official Lego shop. It won't be anywhere near that, though.