Study Shows Mechanical Issues Fix Themselves By Turning Up Radio

No More Break Downs

1y ago

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS- Researchers at Texas A&M University have discovered a new way to fix all mechanical issues that you may be having with your car. No matter what the issue may be, one solution has yielded 100% results in solving the present issue. We at the Driving Bee were curious as to this new technique and immediately went to A&M to interview the researcher, Professor Wei R. Wong. Professor Wong described her brilliant and amazing new technique to fix any and all mechanical issues, simply turn up the radio louder.

Armed with this new advice and skill in fixing all things broken, we at the Bee decided to use this on the squeaky fan belt on our writer's car. The squeak is gone. Turning up the radio solved it. Our journalists took to the streets to interview people who had tried this method. Aside from the "who the hell are you guys" comments, people who had tried out the technique spoke to us and told us that it had fixed their issue. Although, be warned, every person who attempted the new method of repairs said the issue does come back when the radio is turned off again, so the radio must always be on.

It goes without saying that this method will make all cars including Alfa Romeos and British Leyland cars 100% reliable in mechanics. Dr. Wong did state though that issues, with letting air in and electrical issues are often not solved by this technique, but she is researching a way to fix those as well. We here at the Bee cannot wait for her new way to fix those too.


In case ya’ll are too stupid to understand, this is satire. I don’t know why I have to put this here, but apparently people want it here, cause if ya’ll don’t know that it is satire, ya’ll might think it is real. So in case you idjits can’t tell a joke from the real thing, maybe take a class on sarcasm and critical thinking, or just READ THE DAMN TRIBE DESCRIPTION!

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  • All it takes is some AC/DC and check engine light finally comes off. Amazing!😂

      1 year ago
  • It completely made my rattlely suspension stop making noise!

    Rush and Quiet Riot seem to be to be best mechanics

      1 year ago
  • Brilliant!

      1 year ago
  • @tribe New article from the Bee today

      1 year ago
  • Van Halen cured my Mustang’s issues

      1 year ago