- Own poll shows click bait in action & how Netflix can help revive F1.

NZ website headline reads “Brendon Hartley's gone and so has the Kiwi interest in F1”, yet their own poll further down the page shows that 1/3 of responders are still interested in F1.

So, click bait in action? Partly.

Whilst 30% of responders saying their interest in F1 survives Hartley’s departure belied the headline, the unscientific poll does highlight that F1 doesn’t having the pulling power it once did. Why is this? And what can be done about it?

Well, one answer to the latter question might be for everyone to watch the new Netflix documentary “Formula 1: Drive to survive”. The survive bit is less about life and death and more about financial survival nowadays, but it doesn’t mean the documentary series isn’t compelling. The absence of Mercedes and Ferrari content does mean that some of the stories are only half-told (it’s weird that the 2018 Melbourne race story doesn’t cover the Mercedes pit-stop which put Hamilton into second for example) but nevertheless, this is fantastic watching.

So, Kiwis, get into the doco and get into the season. Race 1 is only a few hours away.

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