Stupendous R/C Car In A Decent Scale - 1:14 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Review

2y ago


Before Ferrari would go turbocharging their 458 replacement, the 488, Ferrari made the 458 Speciale Aperta, a convertible version of the hardcore 458 Speciale. With production limited to only 499 cars, they’d made it a rare collectors’ car.

So this is the last mid-engined Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V8. The last hurrah. As every supercar manufacturer is going with forced inductions, don’t expect that Ferrari is going to make an NA V8 engined car anytime soon.(Yes. EU emission regulations....)

Yeah. You’re a model car collector and a car enthusiast just like me. Or just a Ferrari fan. So you want to have a 458 Speciale Aperta model car, for playing or collecting. Whatever. What if you don’t want a small die-cast which is the same size as a mouse? What if you want an R/C car in a good scale that you can play it with a remote control within a good range and has some cool features?

NART stripe looks awesome.

Rastar has a solution for you. They make the awesome 458 Speciale Aperta in 1:14 scale. The R/C runs on five 1.5V batteries or you can have one with USB charging option. The remote control needs a 9V battery. It’s available in red and yellow.

Wish I could just jump in and take it for a drive.

There are two versions of this thing. One comes with a horn. You can tap the middle of the steering to use it. And the other version is a completely working convertible R/C car. I cancelled my order of the first one and then ordered the latter.

The NART stripe looks awesome. Mine’s a red one so it looks even better with that. The steering moves. It is not attached to the front wheels though. There are ‘458 Speciale A’ writings on the dashboard on the passenger’s side and on the rear bumper. There are some fake stitchings (Just silver linings) on the dashboard too! And the brake calipers have ‘Ferrari’ written on them.

Not really an alcantara dashboard.

There’s a button on the remote control which makes it distinct from the other R/C cars on the market. You tap the button and the roof opens or closes. This feature makes it a working convertible. Cool, huh? Probably the only convertible R/C car in existence. (Don’t kill me if there’s another one.) It only takes 20 seconds to open and close the roof. For such a little toy car, this is astonishing.

Aperta mode on.

No. It wouldn’t marmalize a nitro fueled R/C in a drag race. Though it’s not rampant fast, it’s decent enough as a toy. It looks dainty. Exquisite detailing, great build quality, decent scale and above all, it’s a convertible. I couldn’t ask for more.

Fake carbon fiber detailing looks good.

I can almost hear the V8 roar.

Roof up.

Looks like an angry snake which is about to bite its prey.