Style: Audi S2 Coupé

2y ago


The first production car from Audi to wear the S-badge was the S2 Coupé. This was the flagship for the 80-range, and with the 2.2 litre five cylinder engine, it traced its roots to the Sport quattro.

The first models had 220 hp, but in 1993 the S2 received a facelift and the power was increased to 230 hp. The update fitted the car with a six-speed transmission too. This was also the year the S2 Sedan and Avant became available to buy.

Production of the S2 ended in 1996 with 7370 coupés produced. They are quite rare to find, specially in good condition. Fortunately there are some Audi petrol heads who know how to take care of these good old cars.

The Audi S2 looks bad-ass with the wide 18" OZ Futura wheels and holes in the front bumper.

This particular car is from 1993 and has a few modifications made by its owner, Christoffer. A quick list will tell you that it has 3 x 044 Bosch fuel pumps, Autronic SM4 injection system, MSD coils, GT-K500 Turbo, Q7 callipers with S8 discs, and so on. This list could actually go on forever.

Christoffer is a guy who refurbishes his every car from scratch, and he does a damn good job too. This car is in mint condition and with all its modifications it is really fast too. Other necessary information; the car is lowered with a KW2 coilover set and rolls on 18" OZ Futura wheels.

10,5" wide OZ Futura wheels in the back and 9,75" in the front.

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