Styles of the 80’s


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Crazy make up, big hairs, shirts with abnormally large collars and always a chewing gum in the mouth. But the 80’s was so much more then this. I obviously mean the cars. What were they thinking? The cars were filled with electronic gadgets that resembled the inside of a space shuttle and the seats were often made just to look at, not to sit in. I bet everyone thought the car manufacturers were crazy. Today - not so much. And I so wish these cars would have been built in larger numbers, and that you could buy one of them today for nothing. Now they only exist in our minds, or maybe in some old designers backyard somewhere.

For example - Citroën Karin. First of Karin is a common name for a girl in Sweden. But all of the Karins in Sweden look like humans - not like pyramids. The concept car did though. A pyramid - really? Was the car made for a very far off cousin to Tutankhamon perhaps? Just look at it! The shape is so bizarre and at the same time it is wonderful. It fitted three people but I think it was only the driver in the middle that could find a descent seating position. The interior is amazing and with a few twists here and there I think it would still work pretty good even with todays standards.

Another quirky concept is the Lamborghini Athon. Bertone was behind the design and even if the outside is bonkers I think it’s what’s on the inside that’s interesting. The steering wheel is not like the ones we are used to. In the first picture it almost looks like it’s floating, but it’s just a clever angle. Either way it’s a really cool construction. I also love the little box on the left containing all the buttons and things you usually find on the levers behind the steering wheel. It’s also worth mentioning another crazy wheel concept that Bertone was involved in - the Mazda MX8-Aria. How do you steer it? I don’t think even Mazda knew, they just trusted Bertone and hoped for the best. Maybe all the buttons would distract the driver that instead got out and took the bus because it was to complicated to maneuver the car?

There can’t be any ”last but not least” in this section, but I got to stop somewhere or else I am going to start researching how I can build my own absolutely crazy concept car from the 80’s. One of these is the Italdesign Machimoto. A roadster with seating for eight is impressive as it is, but the Machimoto doesn’t stop there. How about everyone of you straddle the seat like you are on a motorcycle and then equip yourself with helmets and other safety gear. That’s what you have to do before taking of in this thing. Absolutely insane of course, but so totally worth it.

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  • Imagine what you could see from up there.

      4 years ago
  • THAT roof though!

      4 years ago