Subaru and McIntosh

2y ago

OK, let's face it. Subaru makes really good cars, reliable, versatile and even sporty. Very sporty! But aside from those STi, WRX models, Subarus are boring. Like, crazy boring! There is no emotions going on looking at the Tribeca, Forester, Legacy....none at all. However, if you sit inside a Legacy, you might find an absolute statement sound system in it. A state of the art, purebred, one and the only McIntosh audio system. It is by far one of the best in car audio systems you can get. Only thing you could wish for ( and let's hope some McIntosh R&D guys are reading this ) is a Class A tube amplifier set up. I still have Telefunken car audio system that uses vacuum tubes and it is at least 60 years old. I do know that heat management would be difficult but the beauty to both look at and listen. Depending on a vehicle McIntosh is intalled and the year of production, it has a cassette player, CD player and/or a MiniDisc. The amplifier deliveres 4x38 Watts to the main speakers @ 8 Ohms and 72 Watts to the subwoofer @ 4 Ohms. This topography is used to achive a very clear and smooth mid range with a pleasent highs while getting a very powerfull and heavy bass. The oval shapped 6x9" polypropylene subwoofer is very simple in construction yet extremely effective. I do hope that Subaru and McIntosh will step up their collaboration and that more great sound systems are on the way. I am looking forward to the blue backlited VU meters and green illuminated tubes.

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