Subaru announces WRX STI TC 380 - Yet another last edition

Limited run of 50, and only for Japan

1y ago


We know that the Subaru's rallying legend is as tough as nails, but it turns out, it's even tougher - more like a cockroach which simply refuses to die!

A year after the appropriately named 'Final Edition' which should've signaled the end of the line, Subaru is announcing yet another swansong with the TC 380. Something tells me it makes 380 horsepower, I don't know. No photos or specifications were released yet.

What sets apart this one form the other limited edition WRX's are the modifications that are sourced from outside of Subaru factory, namely from HKS, while the whole project is overseen by Japanese rally driver Toshihiro Arai, who competed in the World Rally Championship with Subaru.

Arai Motorsport itself will install the HKS go-fast parts, but add components of its own, which include an RQA air filter and an in-house front chassis brace to increase frame rigidity. A carbon fiber rear lip spoiler will aid grip at high speeds, and a serial-numbered Recaro bucket seat whose design is exclusive to the TC 380 will clamp the driver down inside.

Only 50 cars are planed for production, exclusively for Japan at a price of about $43.900. But something tells me there will be even more of these final editions, as the successor is due in 2020. That's a long time.

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