Subaru BRZ tS? More Like Subaru BRZ BS

1y ago


Subaru just announced their brand new BRZ tS. They are touting it as the best handling BRZ ever to come out of their factory. Throw in the big rear wing and some additional body tweaks to make the BRZ look more aggressive and you come very close to the BRZ actual humans actually want.

Modifications to the stock BRZ include: Front and rear SACHS dampers and coil springs, flexible V-braces in the engine compartment. Steering response is improved by adding new draw stiffeners to the chassis and sub-frame. The BRZ tS is also comes with a BRZ first 18-in. lightweight STI wheels complete with 215/40 R 18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. Lastly Brembo brakes provide superior stopping power.

All this sounds very good, It is almost the car the public has been asking for ever since the first BRZ rolled off the production line. Yet I remained underwhelmed because the stock FA20 flat four remains naturally aspirated. This is where things begin to go sideways for the tS. Not to mention the name is a bit of a farce. The tS means tuned by STI, so you almost get a BRZ STI but not really. Sure it has plenty of extra parts for improved handling but none of the power we have begged Subaru for.

Honestly how hard is it for a ginormous auto manufacturer like Subaru to slap a turbo on the FA20 and give us around 300 horsepower? All of these extra handling bits are great, imagine how great it would be with some extra grunt to go along with it?

I know, I sound like a broken record as just about any motoring journalist with keyboard access has pined for a more powerful BRZ only to be let down time and time again. The Toybaru coupes are insanely good fun to drive but a sportier version with more power would be an absolute riot. The car we want would be fairly close to perfect. Fairly close to the ideal machine to take on your favorite back road and have a ton of fun.

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