Subaru Confirms BRZ Successor Will Be Turbocharged SUV

2w ago


Subaru plans to unveil their next generation 2020 BRZ SUV at next year's LA Autoshow. This groundbreaking vehicle is said to retain the BRZ's 4 seats and add the power customers crave.

Subaru's decision to turn the BRZ into an SUV was a simple one, they want to actually make money. A contact we have at Subaru had this to say, " It's hard to go to work every day making a car for enthusiasts that 13 year-olds who can't drive make fun of on Instagram".

Instead of trying to please those who enjoy driving but don't have a fragile ego, Subaru will target adults who have money and want Bluetooth with the new BRZ SUV. With the new BRZ's decision Subaru claims over 43% more lifetime sales value over the old car.

To really rub it in the face of BRZ haters, Subaru is planning on using a variant of the limited edition STI S209's turbocharged flat-4. This engine is the perfection of a 30-year-old design that Subaru refuses to redesign when you keep buying it.

To put all the delicious turbo boost to the ground, Subaru is using their superb CVT transmission. This trans takes all the boring shifts out of the driving experience to give you a single wave of droning power.

The move toward a fun SUV is pure business. Sure sports cars are better to drive an look at, but nobody buys them. SUVs make companies money and people love them.

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