Subaru teases what could be the next generation WRX STi

1y ago


This rather vague pair of images could be the next generation Subaru WRX STi, and the news appears to be good. With the current generation due to be put out to pasture shortly, this is the first sign of intent of the design direction of the next model.

After a few designs that managed to make fans feel a bit unwell in the last decade, the Japanese carmaker has been firmly back on track in the last few years with the current generation WRX STi and the likes of the handsome looking Levorg wagon.

These teaser shots have been sent out ahead of the Viziv Performance Concept’s unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. It all looks very coupe-like in form factor, with a handsomely aggressive front with hunkered and widened rear wheel arches finishing in a discreet rear spoiler at the back of the car.

This design should be a strong indicator of what the next WRX STi should look like, if combined with the stellar performance of the current generation it could mean that Subaru has a winner of a supercar chaser featuring strong visuals as well as huge performance.

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  • Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice...

    1 year ago
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  • I've heard new engine for the STI (don't know about power yet) and it seems Subaru is about 70/30 in favor of bringing back that hatch. Fingers crossed the hatch comes back!

    1 year ago
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