Submit your best car story for the chance to win 250 tribecoin and feature in an article!

The 5 best comments will feature but only one will receive the prize!

38w ago

After hosting a few 100 Tribecoin competitions, I felt it was time to start a 250 coin giveaway and it's going to be a belter!

In order to win this one, all you need to do is comment your best car story and that's all. This could range from seeing a Pagani at your local fuel station, to bumping into Jeremy Clarkson in the middle of Bolivia while wearing a dressing gown in your Toyota Corolla. Whatever you think will wow us the most!

I will then be choosing five of the best story comments and will use them in a following article to share with the whole of DriveTribe. Five will make it into that article but only one will be awarded the 250 Tribecoin award and that one has to blow me away!

The winner will be announced on Monday at 7pm GMT!

Let's see the best you can do!

Comment your car stories for the chance to win 250 Tribecoin!

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Comments (70)

  • Alright then, I'll tell a story I'm yet to recite to anyone.

    This year came the time where we could see Betsy wasnt going to last another Irish winter. She had a good long run, 15 years of impeccable service. But all good things must come to end as we know. And so began the hunt for a new (ish) car to become her successor. My inputs were considered here and there, but my moms heart was left in a red Qashqai she found at a second hand showroom nearby. I knew the car well enough, and never loved it. Truth is I didnt even like it. And towards the collection date of the Japanese SUV, I started feeling very strangely about Betsy. I realised that losing this metal machine really meant something to me, which I didnt fully understand and therefore wasnt keen on sharing. I started to really feel grateful for it during the time we had it. But d-day came fast, and I saw the very moment the Qashqai's keys exchanged hands, and we left the showroom having traded in my beloved little Cerato. Pulling out of the dealer, I glanced one final time at our old car having been handed in. That night there may have been a tear looking out onto the driveway. I loved the Cerato. Someday I will have her back.

    Oh my god am I depressed?不不不

      8 months ago
  • I physically ran into a car door and nearly broke it off. (I will explain later because im in school)

    Alright as promised here I go, so my family and I were on vacation in Scranton Pennsylvania (the location of The Office) and we arrived at the property that we were staying at and there is a big gate at the entrance that has to be opened. So I get out of the car and open it and my dad drives in. After I started closing and I dont hear my mom yell BEAR at first then I turn around about to go back to the Nissan Rouge (crappy rental car) and I see the bushes start to move and then I her my mom yell BEAR so I instantly took of running for the car. So my mom not seeing me in a dead sprint opens the her door and I run right into it at full speed! And me being stupid charges at the door again but couldnt get through (I wonder why). So I try to hop in the car but my mom is sitting in the seat and I cant get in so I jump out and run past the door and ran right smack into my door even harder than the last two and broke my toe in the process! After that I finally made it into the car and we drove off! Turns out that the bear was either a little cub or some other harmless mammal and I nearly broke two car doors and got a broken toe for nothing! I feel so stupid writing this

      8 months ago
  • My car story is that my dad comes home in a mustang. Obviously its a rental because theres no way we were getting a third car. The point is he let me drive it around the neighborhood. 12 year old me almost peed his pants in exitment when I sat in the drivers seat. I sat there for like 5 minutes just gettin gut feel of the car. Then I drove it around the neighborhood. It was going well and good. I never passed 20 mph because I didnt want to crash. Yet I almost did. There was a turn where it goes steeply into the road that leads back to our house. I go down it a little cocky thinking that i am a better driver than Lewis Hamilton. So I dont push the brakes all the way and suddenly I see the curb is right there. I flip the steering wheel and slam the brakes. Narrowly avoiding running the mustang into my neighbors lawn. We drive home and I relished this day forever and I still do. And this ins not a stereotypical mustang driver crashes experience because technically I couldnt drive and I wasnt trying to show off

      8 months ago
  • Comment your best car stories to win 250 Tribecoin! @tribe

      8 months ago
  • Private Top Gear studio tour:

    While in England summer of 14 I wanted to see how close to the Top Gear studio and track so I headed to Dunsfold and found the back gate and gazed longingly across the airbase at the large hanger the show was recorded in. Unbeknownst to me my girlfriend was chatting with the generous security guard who loaded us up his truck and drove us down the runway Id seen so many times on TV. Next thing I knew I was in the studio surrounded by a set and props that I was so familiar with I felt Id been there before. I sat in the seats where THEY sat, I touched the indestructible Hilux and I even got a ride around the track. Amazing day.

      8 months ago